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   So. I decided to make this journal SEMI-FRIENDS ONLY. Personal entries will still be filtered (or at least a big part of them), but I figured there's a lot of stuff that doesn't really need to be locked~

If you're not sure whether our fandoms match in order to become friends, take into account that I'm multi-fandomed~ Usually I'm too lazy to update about my new interests, but I'm pretty open about almost anything, so go ahead and talk to me~


Private Entries Filter: Here will be hosted most of my entries that have to do with my personal life (mostly rants and useless talk XD). I'll just lock the very personal ones from now on though~  

Writing/Translation Filter: As the title suggests, here I'll be posting my writing, and probably some translations of my own works or of others (with the required permission, of course). Fanfiction and some translations will be left public.

Downloads Filter: Here I'll be posting some of my collection, including anime, manga, doujinshi, music, dramas and whatever else I feel like sharing XP Still under construction, since I have no time to organize this properly.. 

Having said those,

If you want to be added to a certain filter (or certain filters) please state so in your comment. If I don't know what you want to be able to view, I won't know where to add you ^-^ Also, make sure to always leave me a comment, for the same reason stated before. I wouldn't mind adding you to all of them, I just want to know what you friend me for ^___^

Those already existing in my F-list before I made the Filters will be added to all of them.
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A little bit of an update~ ^.^

Hello people~

I'm back to my super busy schedule (which in fact is even busier than last year's and it'll probably get even more so >.<) and being the procrastinator that I am, updates here are scarce... (︶︹︺)

So, here's a little bit of an update on what has been going on the past few months 。◕‿◕。

Back in March I had firmly decided to start losing weight. It hasn't really gone as planned yet, but I've managed to lose 15 kilos in 5 months (“⌒∇⌒”) I still need to lose 5 more, but it's been extremely hard to lose those lately T.T In any case, I feel surprisingly better concerning myself and I even started enjoying shopping and looking at fashion sites and such stuff o.o I was creeped out at first because I was always kinda ignorant when it came to clothes and fashion and now a sudden interest just popped up XD but why oh why did it have to be now that our financial state is at its worse? ._.

In addition to dieting, I also started going to the gym ^v^ It's the uni gym though, which is free of charge and you can go whenever you wish, but of course the place and the equipment are inferior to those of a professional gym. I don't really mind actually, since I mostly excercise alone at home anyway~ So, I started up with pilates and even though I was afraid I wouldn't be able to follow up at first, I really enjoy it! ☆^ー^☆ And I think I found a way to relieve my stress XD But going to the gym means I have to sacrifice my morning sleep every Tuesday and Friday when I don't have any uni classes.. (︶︹︺) Oh well. Losing weight requires so many sacrifices ><

Yesterday I finally got the chance to wear a pretty dress I bought at summer~ :3 It's soo different from what I'm used to wearing, but I figured that it's time for some change, so I plucked up my courage, put it on and stepped to the outside world 。-_-。Here's a crappy selca taken with my phone :P

Um, the dress isn't really visible here since I didn't bother taking my jacket off <.< But it's really cute~ 。♥‿♥。

Also, Japanese classes started last week too~ :3 I'm so happy we have Yamaguchi sensei as our teacher again this year, he really is the best educator on planet *´▽`* But still too strict ._. And that means back to our kanji-test-every-Tuesday routine... 今年もクラスの一番になりたくて、しっかりに勉強しなくちゃ~ Korean classes are going okay as well and we gradually learn more and more useful stuff :3 (we learnt colours and the 'I want to do sth' form this week~ :D)

And since sugar-lover me can't live without chocolate for long (I did go through 3 months without eating even a bite though.. O-O) here's last week's guilty pleasure :3 I can't wait for Friday afternoon again~ XD

I just adore black forest~~ ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

Music wise, I've been really into Epik High lately. Their music is just heavenly and their leader, Tablo is a freaking genius :3 I love how their hip-hop/rap style gets combined with piano/violin in the background and beautiful lyrics~ As for dramas, I decided to follow 3 of the currently airing Japanese ones: MONSTERS, Priceless and Osozaki no Himawari. Yes, actors were my major influence, but I find the plots (especially the Priceless one :3) pretty interesting as well~! ^_~ Also, I've been kind of obsessing with the Korean drama 'Innocent Man'. It's  really SO well done. I love the whole good-guy-turns-evil-because-he-seeks-revenge theme, but damn, the main actor REALLY knows how to pull it off~ >3<

So, this is pretty much what I've been up to in general terms.. Therefore, I'm extremely tired. And I have trouble sleeping yet again >< I only have Sundays to wake up freely and sleep on, but no, instead I wake up at 7-8ish ._. I hope my sleeping schedule will get normal soon, or else I won't survive this year.. ᴗ˳ᴗ

Going to sleep now because I have another exhausting day tomorrow... (∪。∪)。。。zzz
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In need of advice

Okay, so I need advice. Some kind of help because I can't think anymore on my own.

So. Back in pretty July, we arranged with my friends to go on vacation. On August 9th until the 14th. And then, taking on my uncle's invitation, I had arranged to go to London for a few days after the 15th. All is nice and clean. But then mom came and saaid uncle had booked us tickets and they were from 9th to 17th...


What the hell. What should I do now? I cannot choose between the two. I really want to go to London, but definitely not on the 9th because I really want to go with my friends to where we arranged ._. And I've been into fights with the whole family about that, cause they think I should be ecstatic about the trip to London. And I mean serious fights.

I've really hit a dead end. I can't think anymore. I need suggestions. Something. Anything.
sakura girl

A break? A change? Or rather...

Maybe it's because of the pressure from the exams, the general exhaustion or any kind of disappointment I've been through these days, but I seriously feel ready for a change.

A big one.

I want to do something different, get out of routine. Stop being occupied with dull and insignificant things and do something that really interests me for once.

Brilliant. If only I knew what I want to do.

Maybe I'll try applying for the Erasmus student exchange program next semester. I don't really care about the country, I want to go and study abroad, see how things work over there, get more experienced. I didn't want to do it until some months ago because I didn't want to miss the Japanese classes of next year. And it would be wasted money to start attending the classes on October only to leave them on February-April to go abroad..

Or maybe I should check up one of those scholarships for some East Asian culture major. Universities around the world are all full of such majors, but poor little Greece doesn't even bother to make the right preparations to get such a major functioning.

But then again, I feel tired of studying. I feel tired of people, tired of myself. And I don't really know what I want to do.

P.S. Wtf is wrong with Korean people's impulsiveness? School is supposed to have finished but we're still called out tomorrow morning for whatever purpose? ふざけるな、そんな暇じゃないんですよ。
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Actually today I didn't want to return home.

It starts geting weird...

I'm supposed to be an introvert and hard to open to people, but today I acted so differently. So carefree. Like I didn't care about anything. And I actually didn't. I just wanted to have fun.

It was also the first time I won something at the parties' competitions. A pair of chopsticks, but still it was a present.

And then the party was over and we had to hurry to catch the last metro. But here I am still awake. It's almost 5 am and I don't want to sleep. I didn't want to go back home. When I know I have 2 days in which I'll be inside the house, not doing anything else apart from studying, cleaning and, well, being alone, it strikes me. And I feel like running away.

Maybe it's the lack of sleep talking, but I don't find it amusing anymore.
Mir - many many happy



Gosh, I love everything about it. The story, Mir's hair the dance, Mir's hair the orchestra, MIR'S HAIR the acting... Joon, your acting is beyond brilliance, I swear. Thunder, you're the cutest you could ever be. Mir, this hair is freaking amazing and you need more screentime (but I think I got a heartattack for the seconds I saw this upclose anyway). G.O, you need more high notes because you seriously rule them. Seungho, I may not be that fond of your hair here, but you're still freaking adorable. I'm freaking speechless from the epicness that is this MV.

I'M SUCH A PROUD A+. MBLAQ are getting better and better with each release and I love them more and more ♥♥♥♥♥ Nakseo was on repeat (and still is actually) and I thought it was a fabulous song, but now THIS. THIS. I CAN AS WELL DIE HAPPY NOW *O*

The whole mini album is amazing, and I wish I could buy it before it's sold out like all their other ones... >.< MBLAQ I'LL MAKE YOU MINE ONE DAY. SERIOUSLY.

And I need new MBLAQ icons.

Oh Gosh. I'll never be sane enough after this.

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[Sharing] MTV Iggy - Akanishi Jin

Finally, after much search and struggle I managed to get those :3 The quality is decent but not the best, though I couldn't do anything about it >.<

The files are in avi format. I uploaded each segment separately, as an individual file, but also the whole show divided into 2 parts, which you have to join together before viewing. I hope that wasn't complicating .__.

Anyway, enjoy a wonderful and happy Jin~ ♥♥♥

Full File: Part 1 Part 2 (Join with HJSplit) 

Individual segments you DO NOT need to join together
Segment 1 - "Bass Go Boom"
Segment 2 - "Oowah"
Segment 3 - Fan Questions
Segment 4 - "Yellow Gold''

EDIT: I updated the post and replaced the broken links. I hope those ones work just fine~ But just to be sure, I password-protected the newly uploaded files.

Password for all files: b@SSgoB00m
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[Fic] The Second Button (HayaRyu)

Title: The Second Button
Author: icequeenanna 
Pairing: HayaRyu
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing)
Beta: kat_tun_newsfan 
Disclaimer: I do not own either of these lovely boys or their buttons. Just the plot :P
Summary: Hayato and Ryu are dating. Of course it is only natural to give the person you like your second button. When Hayato demands Ryu's second button, Ryu makes sure that Hayato doesn't get it so easily. Hayato of course tries to get it, but Ryu has a trick up his sleeve.
Author's Note: Okay. I haven't written anything for the past 2 years, and I had this idea in my head (and partially on paper) since July. But thanks to the lovely kat_tun_newsfan this story is now finally finished~ And now that I got my muse working again, I think I'm gonna write more :3


Collapse )