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こんにちは~ o(≧∀≦)o
♦ A 19 years old girl from Greece who adores Japan and everything Japanese, loves Korea and is fascinated with anything Asian. Currently living in Athens and studying English Philology. Hopefully I'll be able to live in Japan someday~ :3

♦ Language freak. I speak Greek, English, French and I'm currently learning Japanese and Korean. In the near future I plan on learning Italian, Spanish, as well as any other language I happen to find intriguing~ I aspire to become a translator and/or a linguist as soon as I finish Uni ^-^ I also love writing, both fanfiction and originals, regardless of my bad habit to leave things unfinished..

♦ An eternal procrastinator .__. I can spend even whole weeks on thinking that I should do something, but it gets a lot of time to actually materialize it. Yes, I am trying to improve that part.. <.<

♦ JE has been my love since 2008~ ♥ Arashi was my first JE band, but as much as I love them, I sometimes find it super hard to follow this flood of releases they make >.< Hey!Say!JUMP are totally cute (yay for Takaki and YabuHika~), and Kanjani8 are my newest discovery. I adore NEWS and KAT-TUN most, though, since they take up most of my fangirling activities~

♦ I support 6人 KAT-TUN, because the 6 of them are who I initially fell in love with ♥

♦ Akanishi Jin owns my heart. MBLAQ own my soul ♥

Akame is my eternal OTP for obvious reasons ;P Pin and TomaPi friendship (but not always just that XD) are my crack of sunlight~ They're just irresistibly cute together <3

♦ I believe blond Miku is the freaking cutest thing on Earth~~ Closely folowed by chibi Jin, cutie Taemin, little Akame and baby Sasuke ♥

♦ J-rock fan (Miyavi, the GazettE, Alice Nine, An Cafe, Girugamesh etc.), K-pop fan (MBLAQ, 2NE1, Big Bang, SHINee, Super Junior etc.) and admirer of many female Japanese artists (Nakashima Mika is my goddess~).

♦ Still loving anime/manga~ Naruto is my eternal favorite for many reasons (yes, I believe ninjas are cool ♥), but I have a huge list of anime/manga I love~ Bakuman is my current addiction, and I love Obata-sensei's art.

See you around~ ^O^

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